25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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According to every “How To Blog” blog post, the about me page is crucial. It’s like a squid game, but for bloggers. Those who have a good about me page survive, and those who don’t die.  It’s like the absence of an about me page will trigger a catastrophic algorithm that causes your blog to implode. Not only do you need to have one, but it must follow the about me, but not really about me template. Since I don’t have one, I thought I better get on it before I meet my untimely demise. So, I sat down to write my about me page. Well, I’ve been staring at blank screen for the last several hours and I’ve got nothing! Who knew writing an about me page could be so difficult? I mean, I just have to write an about me page that’s not really about me, simple right (insert eye roll here)? In an attempt to trick the Algorithm Gods, I decided I’d write a post about me. But, since I’m a rebel it’s really going to be about me…shhh!

15 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I get excited when the seasons change. Literally, I search for sprouting leaves and budding flowers at the beginning of spring, and color changes in the fall. I always point them out to my kids. And, I’m pretty sure my oldest thinks I’m crazy at this point. The middle child and youngest still humor me though.
  2. My absolute favorite time of the day is at sunset. If I could take a walk on the beach every night at sunset, I’d be a happy girl forever. In fact, that’s also why I  named my blog Wanderlust At Sunset.
  3. I’ve always wanted live somewhere coastal.
  4. My husband is a doctor, but I usually lie to sales people about his profession when they ask because as soon as I say he’s a doctor, they usually think I’m loaded and get more aggressive with their sales pitch.
  5.  I’ve always wanted to take a vacation by myself, but never have. It would be the ultimate way to force me out of my comfort zone, provided I don’t hide in my hotel room.
  6. I have zero sense of direction. If I ever got dumped into a forest, or anywhere really, I’d probably die trying to find my way out. I literally could not find my way to the right pick up spot at Disney Springs. Luckily, my Uber driver was awesome and came to me.
  7. Laundry is my arch nemesis! With 5 people in my house, there is always a ton of it.
  8. I’m risk averse, but it’s actually something I’m trying to change about myself. With big risk comes big rewards, and the rewards go far beyond financial gain.
  9. I got a nose job almost 8 years ago. During my consultation the surgeon did computer imaging to show me what I could reasonably expect. Even though I was a little disappointed because I wanted a bigger change I didn’t go get a second opinion because he’s one of the top facial plastic surgeons the country. My final results are pretty much identical to the computer imaging, but somehow I actually look better than I thought I would based on the computer imaging and I can’t explain why.
  10. I’m impulsive. Sometimes it works out well for me, and other times…not so much.
  11. My favorite wine is Pinot Noir.
  12. I’m a cat person. I’ve never really liked dogs, unless they’re fluffy than they’re cute from a distance.
  13. If I have to choose between traveling and buying things, I’m going on vacation. Unless it’s a stock that’ll 10X my money, then I’m buying the stock.
  14. I love sweets.
  15. The ambiance of a restaurant is more important to me than the actual food. The whole “foodie” craze is completely lost on me. If you give me a steak from an expensive restaurant and one from a cheaper one, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference by taste alone.
  16. My favorite color is pink, but I wear more black.
  17. I don’t like jeans. I keep trying to make myself like them, but so far I’ve only found 1 pair that I will even tolerate.
  18. The same goes for tennis shoes, I hate them too.
  19. I have a huge vision board behind my desk, that way I can look up at it often.
  20. I love reading. While most people tend to stick to one or two genres, my interests are all over the place.
  21. I can’t swim without a snorkel and fins.
  22. I hate the sound of people chewing and slurping. It drives me crazy! I literally took Japan off my bucket list once I found out that it was considered rude not to slurp the noodles.
  23. I used to love taking walks at night in the summer until a bat got stuck in my daughters hair. Now, I get anxious. I also know way more about bats and rabies than I ever wanted to know. My daughter is terrified of them now, too. Ironically she had to learn all about bats at school this year. She was not happy.
  24. I’m very shy. I actually like talking to people, but I usually don’t initiate conversations.
  25. I hate it when people say designer bags are an investment. No, you just want the bag and that’s fine. But, don’t go around pretending it’s a real investment. People are way too impressionable. Keep your justification to yourself.


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