Are You Setting Goals The Right Way?

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Effective Goal Setting Strategy

Are you setting goals the right way? Ok, that question is a little misleading. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to set goals. If it works for you then that’s all that really matters. I won’t sit here and tell you that you’re doing everything wrong. That’s presumptuous and oftentimes dead wrong. And, if we’re being real it’s annoying. I hate when people pretend that they’re experts. Especially, when you figure out that their research and data is all crap. At the end of the day, most people are just trying to pump out a blog post or hear themselves speak. However, what I will tell you is that I learned a little trick that has definitely helped me.

Now, every personal development guru will tell you that it’s important to set both short and long term goals. Long term goals give you vision, while short term goals help keep you on track and build your confidence. But, I don’t remember anyone ever telling me that one of my goals should be a driving force for my other goals. This is actually a technique I learned from listening to Chalene Johnson’s podcast. She referred to it as a push goal.

I have to admit, the whole concept of a push goal was completely foreign to me up until a couple of years ago. Yet it’s so simple and effective, I wish I learned it sooner. The first step is to determine your long term goals. So, what’s your grand vision? If you could do, be, or have anything, what would it be? Next, make a list of your short term goals. These should be things you’d like to accomplish in the next 3-6 months. Keep the list short. If the list is too long, you’ll get overwhelmed. You don’t want to get siderailed. Once you’ve made your short and long term goals, you’re going to reflect on your goals. What is something you will need to accomplish in order to make the rest of your goals happen? This is arguably the most important goal.  It’s your push goal.

For those who do better with examples here’s one:

Long Term Goals-Some may seem audacious, but that’s how I like it!

  • Billionaire investment portfolio
  • Build generational wealth
  • Mindset mentor/speaker/influencer
  • Active/fit lifestyle
  • Eliminate acne scars
  • Face/neck lift (after I lost the baby weight from my last pregnancy, my skin didn’t bounce back and now there is some loose skin under my chin that drives me insane)
  • 10,000 Sqft mansion
  • Cybertruck
  • Model S Plaid
  • Travel around the world
  • Get my kids into their 1st choice schools

Short Term: What Do You Want To Accomplish In The Next 3-6 Months

  • Learn about crypto and NFTs
  • Do at least 1 thing per week outside of my comfort zone
  • Start working out 3X/week build up to 6x/week
  • Limit junk food
  • Get strict with checking my kids’ homework
  • Get back to reading everyday
  • Post on my blog  2-3X per week
  • Increase how much we’re investing in crypto each month
  • Be consistent with my skincare
  • Stop shopping impulsively

Push Goal

  • Create a schedule and actually stick to it! For me, a set schedule will actually fix all of my short term problems. I’m impulsive and a procrastinator, it can be a very bad combination!

Now, this is a skill you’re supposed to learn in high school and college. My kids are getting introduced to it in elementary school. But, let’s be honest, that comes with privilege. Anyway, in school you have to plan out which courses to take, extracurriculars to participate in, and what internships to line up all so you can land your dream job. While I did plan out my courses, I only did one practicum in college, and my only extracurriculars were my jobs that had nothing to do with my major or minor. Now, I did play soccer in high school for a short period and cheerleading for a hot minute, but realistically I didn’t have time for all of that, and I had no clue I was supposed to either. I only realized that I should have learned this back then upon reflection. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20.

So, while this may be common knowledge to some because they grew up with parents who drilled this into them at an early age, I promise there are some who are just as clueless as I was. We don’t all come from organized goal driven families or even good schools for that matter. So, I really hope that the kid, teenager, or even adult out there who didn’t/doesn’t have that type of guidance in their life finds this and it helps them.


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