Blog Confessions: New Blogger Problems

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blog confessions

As a new blogger, I am in uncharted territory. Ok, it’s not technically uncharted territory there are many bloggers before me, but I’d be lying if I said I felt confident following the road maps of other bloggers. I’m constantly looking up “How To Blog” blogs, but I still feel lost. I can’t even put myself in a niche. Is this a lifestyle or personal blog? I don’t know. My goal for this blog is multifaceted. I want to share my stories, it’s actually quite therapeutic, help people who’re struggling through the same issues I’ve been through, and figure out how to eventually monetize my blog.

10 Confessions Of A New Blogger

  1. I want people to read my blog, but I’m scared of people I know reading my blog. I’m trying to be as authentic and open as possible. I’ve shared more on my blog already than I usually do in real life. I am very guarded. There are few people who really know me. Sure, people know bits and pieces, but to divulge all is terrifying. At least online I can’t see or hear people’s reactions…unless they post a comment or hit the like button. Which by the way, feel free to do. It would actually help me fine tune my writing and blog.
  2. I spend more time visiting other bloggers social media pages than going to their actual blogs. This makes me nervous, because I really want people to read my actual blog.
  3. I worry that I will overshare or say something that will result in some unknown negative consequence. Especially if it were to somehow impact my family.
  4. I suck at social media! I feel way more confident writing and posting on my blog than I do on social media. Part of me wishes I could just hide behind an avatar on social media.
  5. I’m constantly editing my posts to make them more SEO compatible. Sometimes I’ll finish a post and think it’s well written, just for my SEO plugin to say not so fast go change 20-30% of your post because it sucks. But hey, at least it’ll help me improve!
  6. I have a very active imagination. I’m always daydreaming, but the minute I try to put into writing my mind goes blank
  7. I tried at least 10 different templates for my blog, including several paid pro versions before finally settling on this free template.
  8. I struggle with deciding between what I want to write and what I think other people will want to read. The problem is I really don’t know what everyone else wants to read.
  9. I feel self-conscious asking people to subscribe or like my blog, but I really want them to. Self promotion has never been a strength of mine.
  10. I get excited when a post gets a lot of views, but I also get kind of down when my posts get only a couple of views.

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