Curate The Life Of Your Dreams

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Curating the life of your dreams is easier than you might think. In fact, thinking just may be one of the main factors in curating the life of your dreams. While action will be required it’s how you think that gets the ball rolling. Have you ever heard the saying: energy flows where attention goes? There’s a reason this quote is pasted all over the internet, it’s a key piece of the law of attraction and is backed by science. Thats right, science! Have you ever heard of the Reticular Activating System?

Reticular Activating System

Reticular Activating System

If you ever took Anatomy & Physiology class, you may already be familiar with the Reticular Activating System. For those of you who are not, the Reticular Activating System is a bundle of nerves located in the brain stem that that forms neural pathways between the brain stem and the midbrain and cerebral cortex. Its main function is to control consciousness, sleep and wakefulness, sensory stimuli, focus, fight or flight, learning and memory, and GI motility.

Connecting The Reticular Activating System To Your Dreams

So, now that you are more familiar with the Reticular Activating System lets get down to how we can use this information to curate the life of our dreams. As mentioned, the RAS controls focus and attention. Well, did you know that the mind is only capable of processing 50 bits per second? Depending on your perspective, that may or may not seem like a lot. However, did you know that the human body sends 11 million bits of information to the mind every second? All of a sudden, that 50 bits per second is pretty minuscule, huh?

Tapping Into Your Reticular Activating System

What if I told you that you can control which bits of information your brain processes? Sound a little whacky? It’s not! It all goes back to what we focus on. If you focus on your desired outcome, you are more likely to process the bits of information that will help you achieve your. So for example: say you’ve been dying to get a brand new BMW. You’ve already picked it. You can visualize your self going into your garage unlocking the door, stepping into the drivers seat, and starting the engine. It has that wonderful new car smell. You pull out of the drive way, and drive down the street. As you’re driving, what do you see? Where are you going? These details may not seem important, but it helps it feel real to you.

Once you start actively focusing on your desired outcome, you are more likely to figure out how to achieve your goal. The people and events you need in order to make your dream come true will all of a sudden start popping out in your mind. It’s not that they weren’t there before, you just didn’t notice it because the brain can only process 50 bits of information per second. So, do your self a favor, and start focusing on what you want and push all that negativity out of your mind.

E-Squared By Pam Grout

It’s experiment time! I picked up this book awhile ago, It’s called E-squared by Pam Grout. You can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, look around for it. I input a link for Amazon, no this isn’t sponsored by Amazon or Pam Grout either. The book just really resonated with me. It has 9 experiments that will help convince you that what you focus on becomes your reality. I won’t go into all of experiments, but the first one is something that happens all the time. We decide we want a new car. Then can’t stop thinking about it. All of a sudden, the car we want is everywhere when before you rarely saw it.

Reticular Activating Experiment

First you need to decide when you want to start the experiment. The book says look for sunset beige cars, but since I always see beige cars, I chose a different color. I chose purple. I rarely saw purple cars before this. Anyway, for 24 hours you are supposed to actively look for the color car you chose. At the end of the experiment write down how many cars you saw that were that color. The car can be driving down the road, on tv, on a billboard…it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a car of your chosen color it counts.

My Own Results

When I did the experiment I was thinking there was no way I would find a purple car because I was only going be outside twice that day, to drive my kids to school and to pick them up. Well, while I was driving them to school, I was on autopilot and forgot to look so I thought it was a wash. However, on the way to pick them back up I made a conscious effort to look for purple cars. I glanced at every parking lot I passed, payed a attention to all the cars around me, and even looked at billboards as I drove down the road. At first, I saw nothing. But, as I was almost at my kids school (it’s a 25 minute drive) I saw a huge purple work truck. I got so excited! Then when I got into the carpool line I noticed that one of the employees cars was a purplish blue color. Then on the way home, I saw another car that was definitely purple and 5 that I couldn’t tell if they were purple or blue. I now see purple cars everywhere. I can’t believe how popular that purplish blue color is!

So, it’s your turn. Start the experiment and start focusing on your goals and let your Reticular Activating System do it’s thing. Once you’ve finished, post a comment with your results. I’d love to hear how this experiment works out for you.

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