Do You Update Your Vision Board?

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Why You Should Update Your Vision Boards

Do you update your vision board regularly? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Most people get excited, create a vision board, and subsequently forget about it. They assume creating the vision board was their declaration of their intentions to the universe. This thought process is flawed.  First, your desires are not stagnant. Secondly, by reviewing your goals daily, you are more likely to make decisions that are aligned with your goals.

The first issue that arises when you don’t update your vision board is your desires aren’t stagnant. How many of you want the same exact things today that you wanted a year ago? Yeah, didn’t think so. Most people aren’t that rigid. I know I change my mind all the time. For instance, my dream car was a Bentley. But, when Elon Musk debuted the CyberTruck, my dream car changed. If you’re fearful that you’ll confuse the universe, don’t be. The only way you will confuse the universe is if you say you want one thing, but then focus on all the things you do not want. In that case, your thoughts may be in conflict with your goals and as they say; energy flows where attention goes.

The second issue that occurs when you’re not reviewing your vision boards on a daily basis is you are less likely to make decisions that are in alignment with your vision. When you look at your vision board daily, you are more likely to be receptive to the serendipities and synchronocities that the universe throws at on a daily basis. If your goals are at the forefront of your mind, then you are more likely to recognize these events and take action that is in alignment with your ultimate vision.

Steve Harvey 300 Challenge

So, now is the time to dust off your vision boards and make the necessary updates. If vision boards aren’t really your thing, I came across an alternate version of this on TikTok the other day. MayaKaurlove posted a challenge form Steve Harvey. It’s a 300 challenge. You write down 300 things you want. They can be anything, but you can’t stop until you get to 300. Once you’ve done that, read it everyday in the morning and at night time. In one year, go through your list and check off all of the things you’ve accomplished. According to Steve Harvey, you’ll have accomplished at least 10% of your list. I love this idea and I immediately got it. I didn’t replace my vision boards with it, but I’m doing this in addition. Give it a try. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen?

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