Easy Weight Loss Tips

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Ever wonder why some people lose weight easier than others? It’s crazy you can take two people and give them the same diet and exercise plan and one will lose weight easier. Why? According to a Harvard study it could be their mindset. That’s right, your mindset can directly impact your weight! I know it’s annoying! But, that’s good news because you can control how you think and I have some easy weight loss tips to help you.

In 2007, Harvard University did a study on how mindset impacts weight. In this study they took 84 female maids. They completed a physical screening on each of them. Then they separated them into 2 groups: control and placebo. They told the placebo group that their work constituted as good exercise and that they met the surgeon generals recommendations on living an active lifestyle. The control group was not told that and believed that they lived a more sedentary life. After 4 weeks, the women were re-screened and guess what? The women who believed that they were more active lost weight. The women who did not believe they lived an active lifestyle did not lose weight!

Now that you know how powerful your mindset is let’s get it working for you instead of against you! You don’t need to participate in a Harvard study to analyze your daily activities and change your own personal narrative. If you spend a lot of time cleaning or running after a toddler, I bet you’re more active than you realize. Got a smart watch or another fitness tracker? Put it on. Start tracking your activity level. You  surprised at how active you are while you’re cleaning and chasing that toddler. Even if you’re not it’s a good motivator to get you moving more!

Tip two: tell yourself  that you don’t like certain foods. When I was 12 I had an eating disorder and I would always tell people that offered me food that I didn’t like it. I said it so many times that I literally convinced myself that I didn’t like the foods.  I was  I’m not advocating eating disorders. They’re horrible! However, I am suggesting that incorporate this weight loss tip into your life the next time someone offers you a huge piece of cake. You can even do it in the supermarket while your grocery shopping. As you pass by the donut or chip isle, simply tell yourself that you don’t like those and keep walking. If you tell yourself it enough your conscious mind will believe it’s true.

If you say anything enough you’ll believe it. That’s the whole premise behind affirmations. You tell yourself that you are fill in the blank and over time your conscious mind adopts the belief. It can’t distinguish between true and false. It just believes what you tell it! While you’re at it throw in some more positive affirmations too. Stick with it everyday, several times a day, especially while you’er feeling good and after about a month let me know if how you’re doing. Don’t fret if you’re still struggling, give it another month. Sometimes it takes a bit to change our inner voice when we’ve been telling it some pretty nasty stuff for a long time. Let me know how it’s going and keep following me for more mind hacks.

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