Halloween Weight Loss Challenge

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     Who wants to join a Halloween weight loss challenge? When you’re a mom, Halloween can be a daunting time of year especially if you’re trying to loss weight. Between all of the parties, trick or treating, and Halloween themed gingerbread houses you can easily pack on a couple of pounds without even realizing. Since I’m still a couple of pounds away from my goal weight, I decided to challenge myself. This Halloween my goal is to not collect the “Mom tax”. For those of you who unfamiliar the mom tax is, it is when Mom takes several pieces of candy from each kids’ trick or treat bag.

Sugar Is Addicting

I know what you’re thinking, “Amy, a few pieces of candy isn’t going to hurt your waistline”. And, normally, I would say you are absolutely correct. However, the problem with those few pieces of candy is that once you start eating candy it’s really hard to stop, especially when there is still a ton more right in your face. The fact is sugar is addicting. When we eat sugar the reward pathways in our brain light up causing a surge of feel good hormones to be released. Think dopamine. Once you trigger that reward pathway, your brain is going to want to keep triggering it. Thus causing you to crave more sugar. Sugar cravings are a b****!

So, to try and combat the negative effects of my favorite holiday, I decided to start a Halloween weight loss challenge. I’ve always responded well to challenges and goals, and I’m guessing most of you do too. So, instead of simply challenging myself, I’m challenging you too😈

The Halloween Weight Loss Challenge

The challenge consist of not eating any candy this Halloween. While you’re at, you may want to skip the haunted mansion gingerbread houses at Target too. Trust me, you’ll eat it and they don’t even taste good. I speak from experience on this one. See how addicting sugar can be? The second part of the challenge is to walk with your kids while they trick or treat. A lot of you may already do this, but ever since I’ve had kids I’ve noticed that a lot of parents drive along their kids while the kids trick or treat. This is missed opportunity to get some exercise and it’s fun watching you kids trick or treat anyway. So walk don’t drive! That’s it, that’s my challenge.

I know the title was a little misleading. Most people won’t lose weight by simply not eating candy and walking with your kids while they trick or treat. But, some will. Plus, every little bit counts. So give it a try, the worst that can happen is you won’t gain weight from candy this Halloween. That in of itself is worth the challenge.

Tips For The Challenge

Since it can be hard to stay away from the candy bags, I’ve decided  to share a couple of my little tips that really do help. The first tip I actually got from one of the 1st Phorm athletes several years back. After I had my son, I joined one of the 1st Phorm weight loss challenges. No, I didn’t win. I honestly didn’t even submit any of my progress pics. At that point, I was still way too shy. For me, it was more about having something to keep me accountable than winning a prize. Losing the baby weight was the only prize I needed. Anyway, the tip is apple cider vinegar. It really does help to keep your appetite in check. The second tip is to tell your kids. Kids can be ruthless, and if you give them a reason to keep you away from the sweets, they will gladly harass you. Think of it as a way to keep  you accountable

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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