The Gateway Experience Explained

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Collective Consciousness & Holograms

The Gateway Experience is a declassified CIA report. It covers several topics that ultimately lead to the fundamental concepts of the law of attraction. It’s really dense and technical, but I will go into detail on several really important points the report unveils.

One really interesting point is the idea that the world is a hologram. This particular concept is quite important. The report states that: “The Universe is composed of interacting energy fields, some at rest and some in motion. It is, in of itself, one gigantic hologram of unbelievable complexity”. In other words, a hologram is formed when resting and kinetic energy interact and a beam of light passes through it and creates a picture or hologram. We in turn, receive this information and compare it to our own memories. Once our consciousness processes this information it shots it back out to the collective consciousness. Which thereby alters the collective hologram.

A universal consciousness that is working together to form a collective hologram supports the concept of the law of attraction. Essentially, every time we visualize our intended outcome we are shooting that image out into the collective consciousness, thus altering our reality.

The report discussed several different methods in which we can use our minds to alter our reality. In this post, I’ll only be discussing one: patterning. Essentially, patterning utilizes meditation to get into what they call Focus 12. Once you’re in Focus 12, you concentrate on your desired outcome. By focusing on an event that would happen after you achieved your goal, you are projecting out to the collective conscious that you have already achieved this goal. Thereby, altering the collective hologram and in turn, altering your own reality.

Focus 12

So, what is Focus 12? And, how do you get into it? These are questions I asked myself and google quite frequently! As soon as I read this report, I immediately googled The Monroe Institute. For me, the description of what Focus 12 is wasn’t too helpful. It just says that the mind is completely awake while the body is completely asleep. Obviously, the website doesn’t tell you how to get into Focus 12 either. So, I was left with our beloved friend Google. From various forums, I concluded that Focus 12 is a meditative state similar to sleep paralysis. At this level, your brain is operating at a Theta level. So, maybe listening to binaural beats can help you attain Focus 12 if you find the YouTube tracks to be unhelpful to you. For reference, at the theta level, brain waves measure between 4-7 Hz.

On the website, I discovered that there are several courses that progress you through the Gateway Experience. They are costly and time consuming. I have young kids, so that’s not realistic for me. However, there are also CDs that go along with the courses that you may purchase. If you prefer an even cheaper option to explore the Gateway Experience, search YouTube. There several videos with the recorded meditations. However, I don’t think all of the tracks are published.

Well, that’s all I will cover in this post. Stay tuned for my next post on the Gateway Experience. My goal is to have it up by Thursday.

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