‘Twas The Night Before Grinchmas

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‘Twas the night before Grinchmas…wait, wait, wait! Grinchmas? Yes, you heard that right we celebrate Grinchmas. I know that there are many Christians and Muslims  who are offended by the way my family has chosen to celebrate this lovely yearly tradition. But, before you throw shade, let me explain how this all came about. You see, my husband’s family is Muslim and I am from non-practicing Catholic family. Growing up we always celebrated Christmas, however, it was never in a religious way. Even though my husband grew up in Canada his family never celebrated Christmas because well they’re Muslim and it’s not an Islamic holiday.

When we got married and started having kids, we quickly realized that holidays would be challenging. All of a sudden we had to decide which holidays to celebrate and which ones would be skipped. Well, I love any kind of celebration so I was ok with celebrating them all. However, my husband was not. He’s not as much fun as me 🤪. Since I couldn’t get him to commit to any holiday because he hates all holidays, I decided we’d celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Eid, Thanksgiving, New Years, 4th Of July, and Valentine’s Day. I figured since Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus and Islam has a different theory on what happened to Jesus, I’d leave that one out.

I thought I did a good job with deciding on how to handle the holidays. My husband did not. So, for the first 7 years he begrudging went along with my plan with a grinchy frown on his face. Then I said “let’s all go to wild lights at the zoo”. Turns out, the Canadian boy really hates cold too and it just happened to be a particularly cold night. As you can imagine as the kids complained because they were too cold and they dropped their s’mores on the ground, my husband lost it. He started boo hooing the whole thing too.

But, then something strange happened. His grinchy frown started to change. Just like in the book, he got a gleam in his eyes and decided he must figure out a way to stop this whole thing. So, he said “look I’m the Grinch and I hate this whole Christmas thing”. He thought that would be the end. He was wrong! The next day he came home from work to a humongous blow up Grinch on the front lawn. He laughed, the Grinch laughed! So, I said let’s celebrate Grinchmas instead. He was happy with the idea.

Now, every Grinchmas eve the Grinch hides the kids’ presents. Layla, our resident Cindy Lou Who, tries to wake up and catch him. Then the next morning the kids go on a scavenger hunt for their presents. After Zain and Layla have shed a few tears because they can’t find all of their presents, I give in and find their presents for them. We all watch the Grinch, you’re a mean one  Mr. Grinch by Tyler goes on repeat, and we stuff our faces with Grinch themed treats.

The moral of the story, when you have a blended family, you have to get creative and have a sense of humor to make things work.



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